We have lots and lots of rags
  1. Napkins
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    I need to make a sub-top-tier napkin drawer that we save for company.
  2. Dish Towel
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    Largest rags. Least stained. Hang on stove. Use to dry hands.
  3. Tomorrow's Rags
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    I like to leave a few rags out in the living room for tomorrow morning's messy faces
  4. Hand towel
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    Variety of handkerchiefs and thin washcloths. Used for boogers and drool. Basket in the kitchen for easy access.
  5. Bibs
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    They sit in a drawer that's too hard to open. We don't have time for this kind of thing anyway.
  6. Life after rags
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    Bottom of the barrel. These are pee cleaners. Stained tees. Rag afterlife.