1. My first concert was The Police
    The Greek in Berkeley 1983. I got to go back stage. I remember meeting them.
  2. I saw Ran in the theater when I was 5
    My dad thought I was mature for my age. He wasn't.
  3. I was Bat Mitzvah'd
    But I don't know any Yiddish
  4. I dated a guy named "Neto" in high school
    Bad decision all around
  5. I have Joann tattooed on my lower back
    It's my grandma's name. I never met her. I was 15 and trying. It's caused some minor confusion.
  6. I was a raver
    The hip-hop kind that liked breakdancing but couldnt
  7. I don't know the difference between Van Halen and Led Zeppelin
    There's about a 20 year gap in my music knowledge spanning 1970-1990--I think these bands were important then.
  8. Ive never been to Vegas
    And I hope I never do....
  9. I think of myself as a lush
    But Ive also been pregnant 3 times in 5 years--so basically impossible to be both.