1. I think I got sick from eating my boogers
  2. Feel my neck
  3. Nico, I don't think I should go on the train. I might get everyone sick
  4. I love you with all my heart
  5. What does refreshment mean?
    Then says "its a fancy word for food"
  6. Mom look what I can do
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    (Wink) but not his first--he's done this at school.
  7. Is getting a ticket boring?
  8. Feel my hip
  9. In the Summer its so beautiful out. The plants grow and the first of the season comes out.
    First of the season = raspberries and blackberries
  10. If you look close at snow flakes, each one is different and each one is special
  11. I love snowboarding
  12. I pretend I'm skateboarding and snowboarding
  13. She's just too cool
    Talking about how his baby sister can stand.
  14. Yessseriii
  15. Maybe the couch has a fever
  16. Mom, what's "scenery" mean?