That might freak you out if you had <1 kid
  1. β€’
    Shoes, shoes, shoes
    There are too many to keep out of their reach. 😬
  2. β€’
    The big kids leave em out and the little ones find them.
  3. β€’
    Again...too many to keep track of.
  4. β€’
    Mainly the kiwi vine growing on our deck...iI keep forgetting to check if the these are safe.
  5. β€’
    My feet
    Seriously, these guys will put ANYTHING in their mouth. I keep em pretty clean. 😳
  6. β€’
    Babies love cords....trying to keep them out of reach.
  7. β€’
    A chunk of apple
    Just making sure their gag-reflex is in perfect order.
  8. β€’
    Semi-clean dishrag
    This is just gross. I try to avoid this but sometimes they're too fast.