I have a week off in LA between ending one immensely stressful job and beginning another immensely stressful job. This is how I've wasted away the week.
  1. Solo beach trip
    After triumphantly waltzing out of my former office building (with my last free sandwich in hand) I drove directly to the beach. I ate street fruit and read weeks old People Magazine. I got a bad back sunburn. After all I was alone and couldn't reach to sunscreen it...
  2. Outlet shopping
    Started off with enthusiasm. Quickly became overwhelmed. But at least got some sensible shoes at a sensible price.
  3. Book club brunch
    We discussed Sweet Bitter. It's a fantastic peek behind the scenes of a hot New York restaurant.
  4. Work out
    I love Pop Physique because it's challenging but over in an hour.
  5. Charcoal lemonade
    Ehhh... Not sure what it did to my colon but it was tasty.
  6. Ghost Busters
    Kate McKinnon is a national treasure.
  7. Dine LA Week
    Highly recommend Church Key. Next up: little next door on 3rd street
  8. Two birthday parties
    @mollybei19 and @aliciabeekman are birthday twins 👯
  9. West Side Story at the Hollywood Bowl
    Jeremy Jordan is amazing.
  10. Annual OB/GYN check up
    Never skip it. This shit is important!
  11. Below Deck Med
    @andycohen did it again. The perfect mix of beautiful people, accents, location, and drama. I could never cut it on that boat... I'd push Daniel overboard.
  12. Quietly reflect on my life and my choices.