1. Went in to hug my dad, got elbowed in the face
    He was trying to hug my brother
  2. Weird brunch at a Brazilian steakhouse
    Buffet style. Lines were very long. Man in front of me ate his clams with his fingers.
  3. Had a conversation about when my dads mom started showing signs of dementia (age 62). First signs: seemed distracted often.
    My dad proceeded to make a b-line for the dessert table midway through our conversation about Inside Out. My dad is 60.
  4. Had silent panic attack
    He's just getting old. He's just getting old.
  5. Back at my dads house. Get a phone call from Johnny, the foreign exchange student my dad and step mom are hosting from Taiwan
    See a text to him in my dads phone, "In church, call you soon 😘😘". Likely sent from my step mom. But was v unclear to me, and probably to Johnny as well.
  6. Face Timed with my brother @hellomattspicer who is very hungover. He thinks everyone looks really buff. Keeps asking if we are working out.
    My dad tells him, "that's a face only a father could love"
  7. Matt tells me single life in LA is very depressing and terrible and he's so glad he is in a relationship
    I am moving there in the fall. I am single
  8. Had silent panic attack
    Everything is fine. Everything is fine.
  9. My dads dog won't stop trying to lick my brothers cut on his leg
    My dad says, "they like blood, they like the taste of uh, wounds"
  10. Happy Father's Day to all the dads on ListApp