1. Is creative
    In any way, really
  2. Is obsessed with me
    He often looks at me from across a crowded room and thinks "how did I get so lucky!"
  3. Is not religious
    A non negotiable
  4. Is only a little jealous
    In an innocent non-threatening way
  5. Is a treasure trove of information
    "Hold on, let me call my husband, he'll know!"
  6. Is a feminist
  7. Is a jeans and t-shirt guy
    He's super casual and that's fine, he looks good in everything!
  8. Has a great sense of humor
    This trumps everything else on this list. If we can laugh until we can't breathe, put a ring on it, let's reserve our burial plots. I'm ready to grow old with you.
  9. Loves staying in sometimes
    We love to go out, but we especially appreciate the nights we order takeout and watch A LOT of Netflix
  10. Loves animals
    We are going to have a lot, sorry. Non-negotiable
  11. Accepts my neuroses
    And actually thinks they're pretty adorable
  12. Is romantic
    He knows I'm not a flowers and candle-lit dinner kind of girl, but he definitely remembers the song that played when we first kissed, and sometimes leaves me little notes around the house
  13. Can dish it out
    I love when he makes fun of me and he appreciates my thick skin
  14. Can take it
    He can definitely laugh at himself too
  15. Is no push over
    He knows I'm a tough cookie, but he knows how to tell it like it is and I respect him for it
  16. Good lover
    We are the best we've ever had
  17. Is something else that I never knew I wanted