In 2013 my grandfather, Joe Brosso, died of Alzheimer's. The day before he died my uncle found a file on his computer desktop titled "Open Often". Inside were the following entries
  1. It was very much like Joe to want to learn anything he didn't fully understand and to hopefully help people in the process. It'll be 2 years since losing him and I still revisit these entries from time to time. I can hear his voice as I read the words
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  2. "I've tacked six years on to my current age of 72 and wound up with 78 and figure if I'm lucky that's when I will die"
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    I totally lose it at that part. He was 79 when he died.
  3. "I am not too concerned about the three word test, because I once tried it on Jean and she flunked it"
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    My grandfather was always a funny man up until he could no longer speak. Being able to laugh at his jokes again was the best gift I could have been given.
  4. "I found out it costs a lot to keep your brain from turning into scrambled eggs"
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  5. This was his very last entry
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  6. I miss him every day
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