That blue eyeshadow you've never worn because you've been waiting for "the right time"? Skip it, you are never going to wear it.
  1. Foundation, concealer, powder
    Do you wear foundation every single day? If not, don't bring it. Concealer will be just fine. Be honest with who you are!
  2. Eyeshadow palettes are better than singles
    Don't bring several single eyeshadows that you think you might definitely probably (not) wear. A palette of 4-6 classic colors that contain a range of dark to light will make it easy to take your eyes from day to night. Bobbi Brown and MAC are great for this because you can build your own.
  3. Bring only two lipsticks or lip glosses
    A neutral color that you will wear every day and a bright/dark color if you feel like getting fancy
  4. One blush that goes with everything
    Let's not get carried away
  5. Your favorite mascara and eyeliner
    Black mascara and brown or black liner will go with everything you packed
  6. Travel bottles for your shampoo/conditioner and moisturizer/cleanser
    Most hotels provide you with this stuff, believe me I hoard those cute little bottles like everyone else, but don't expect the hotel to know shit about what your hair or skin needs. The last thing you need is a strange rash on your face when you're trying to pick up a new dude in a strange city.
  7. Perfume samples
    Seriously, don't get pissed off when TSA throws out your bottle of Chanel you should know better by now. Go to a department store or Sephora and ask for a sample of your favorite fragrance.
  8. ONE styling tool
    Most hotels provide blow dryers. If you're a weirdo and need your special blow dryers then bring it, but ONLY if you're a weirdo. Other than that pack a heat tool that multitasks. For me it's my Chi flat iron. I can wear my hair straight or give myself soft waves with it.
  9. Hydrating mask/face mist
    This is essential if you're flying anywhere. Flying fucks your skin up. Be prepared. Don't worry about what the other people think of your high maintenance routine. When you land looking like a fucking angel, they'll feel like the fool.