All these feelings and nobody to talk to

I'm probably a teenage white girl
  1. I want to cry. HARD
    Are these hormones? I've remedied this by rewatching leslie & ben's wedding episode and I teared up only a little. I am not satisfied!
  2. Ice creaaaaam
    I have finally found out the sensation that comes to mind when I hear ice cream. It's salted caramel with butterscotch!!! It is fucking amazing 😍
  3. Need. To. Study
    Life sucks. I'm still a broke-ass student who needs to pull all-nighters as often as possible to study. And it's difficult to do with no money
  4. I roll my eyes 365 times a day
    I am so irritable and I hate people and I have no fucking idea why. Hormones??? I'm beginning to menstruate!?? I'm menopausal??! What the hell⁉️
  5. Just want to feel (un) lost
    It's that time of the year (again) when I don't have any idea where I belong. Don't have any friends here. Can't afford bookshops/cafes/anyplace where I need to spend money. Going home makes me sad. I really miss my brother though. Where the fuck do I go!
  6. Anxious
    Duh. I think I may have some sort of illness relating to this or something. Anyway, I have an event coming up and it's coming so fast and I still just have the one participant! What the hell
  7. What the hell