Weights and pulleys

Shit I'm up to and (sometimes deep) stuff I'm mulling over
  1. Breaking bad
    This show was a masterpiece. I just finished rewatching the whole show and boy was I blown over AGAIN. You begin rooting for Walt and end up being scared of him wishing his cancer was back.
  2. Orphan black
    SPOILER ALERT I just have a lot of emotions about this show right now. I want to get more into detail but I think there's a character limit to this thing which is stupid by the way. Not yet done watching this though. I have one more season before I go bonkers waiting for the next.
  3. Gravity falls
    Need I say more? WAAAADDLES
  4. The Orlando shooting
    My heart goes out to every life lost in the shooting. Never has hating been the right thing to do. Being a quiet person myself, my favorite hobby has always been judging people in my mind. The shooting made me realize how awfully wrong it is and how it can encourage horrible people that what they're doing is right. Why can't everyone just accept everyone????!
  5. Learning how to play the guitar or any musical instrument
    I really want to learn! I just need a guitar...