The long weekend is almost over and guess who's sad 😢 I'll be back to school on Wednesday and I still have not done anything productive. Here are the things I did though that I enjoyed
  1. Marathoned falling skies
    It's not that good a show but I'm enjoying it! I love me some alien post-apocalypse dystopia. Good shit 👌
  2. Ate a whole lot
    Yup, I feel like I put on a lot of weight for the 3 days that I've been at home. I eat like 6 times a day whenever I'm here, and I love it
  3. Caught up with my high school best friends
    Not exactly catch up as in talk with one another but we bonded over bootleg musicals, stand-up comedy, and so much food (thank u tita ging)
  4. Suman latik
    Tita ging is a godsend because I have been craving for this shit for days now and this is what she gave us for snacks!! What the hell does she have some kind of telepathic powers???
  5. Progressed a lot in final fantasy TA
    This was so fun when I was in elementary so I decided to play it again. Still super fun surprisingly!! More so now that I actually know how to make specific jobs appear for each character, thanks to ffta wiki
  6. Whined, complained, cried that I wanted ice cream to my mother
    Spoiler alert: she never gave in to my request ugh I JUST REALLY WANT ICE CREAM OKAY IS THAT TOO MUCH TO AAAAASK???? Yeah it's actually too much because we're poor hhahahahahahaha 😢
  7. I'm using an awful lot of emojis
    Just embracing my youth