Travel has been in my DNA since birth. Here are my favorite stops sans so many that cannot be listed.
  1. Bharamulla, Kashmir
    I was in Kashmir for unfortunate reasons as a member of an earthquake response team in 2005. But it is by and far one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. Kebabs at dusk, beautiful people, hikes to rescue trapped villages and lots and lots of tea.
  2. Khariar Road, Orissa
    Orissa is one of the poorest places in the world but holds the fondest memories for me. Bike rides, homeschooling, running wild and free.
  3. Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Mountains can speak to the soul and the Rockies are among the wisest. Pikes peak, garden of the gods and excellent friends make C-Springs a one in a million Christmas destination.
  4. Appalachian trail
    I've been hiking the AT every summer for five years now. Few things compare. McAffee knob, the red barn shelter and Neels gap are all great stops.
  5. Washington, D.C.
    Few cities can boast DC's lineage. You walk where they walked. I suggest biking through the city. The food is excellent. Lincoln Memorial, enough said.
  6. Singapore
    The west meets east at this city state. Hawkers will blow your mind (try the stingray).
  7. Inverness, Scotland
    Nostalgia finds her home here.