1. Do you get sad that you can't pick humans up?
    Momma cats pick up baby cats so are cats trying to pick us up?
  2. Do you ever get frustrated that you're walking somewhere and then you get picked up and brought somewhere else?
    Or is the end game always getting affection? Or do you get used to it and learn to live your life around it?
  3. Do you ever see a really pretty bird and think, I don't want to attack that! But because of the societal pressures of being a cat, you feel like you must?
  4. Do you think humans are big, hairless, clumsy cats? Or do you recognize humans are a different species?
    I read a thing about how cats think humans are cats, but I don't think we'll truly know the answer until we can ask cats point blank.
  5. Do you ever wish you could sleep less?
    I'm pretty sure the answer to this would be no, but you never know!
  6. Do you ever mistake a small dog for a weird looking cat?
    And then get very disappointed?
  7. Can you sense a cat person over a dog person?
  8. Do you like having your nails trimmed?
    Not de-clawed but trimmed so you get stuck less and the nails break less?
  9. Who is your favorite person and why?
    Cats obviously like more people than others and I want to know why