Friends drinking, watching Friends
  1. Any time Joey says "How you doin'?"
  2. CHUG: when ALL 6 of the cast members are in Joey and Chandler's apartment.
    You will be surprised how rare this is.
  3. Whenever you see a nipple through a blouse
    Nipples were huge in the 90's, according to my other favorite show, "Sex and the City". That drinking game is pending.
  4. When Ross talks about dinosaurs.
  5. When Phoebe is singing at Central Perk.
  6. Whenever someone brings up how fat Monica was.
  7. When Joey's agent, Stella, is smoking a cigarette, you are drinking.
  8. Any time Chandler says, "Could ___ BE any more ___?"
  9. When Ross enters and says, "Hi..."
    When he's very mopey and despondent and defeated.
  10. When Phoebe talks about living on the streets.
  11. When someone takes a sip of coffee, sip with them.
  12. Any time Monica compulsively cleans.
  13. Whenever Rachel bitches about Ross.
    "Oh my god I love Ross, I HATE Ross, I LOVE Ross"
  14. CHUG: when Gunther is on the screen.
  15. When Monica says, "I KNOW!"
  16. When the white dog statue is on screen.
  17. CHUG: When Joey is at an audition.