His name is Dude. He's really neurotic. Think: if Woody Allen was a dog.
  1. "Dude, you cannot bark and think that you can get what you want."
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  2. "Awwwww little wiener bear dog monkey fox!"
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  3. "Are you an angel?"
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  4. "Or are you Bill Nye living as a dog?"
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  5. "Dude, this is a dramatization. You're a dolphin in the ocean. Go."
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  6. "Lana Del Dude!!!!"
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  7. A question Dude has asked me: "Am I a pretty girl?"
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  8. GUEST STAR: my best friends pug, Leo. "What was it like when you lived in outer space? You're a space slug, right?"
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  9. "Dude, tell us the meaning of life."
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  10. Incoherent cooing: "guguguguguguguguggg goooochagoochagoochagoooo"
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