1. "Better done than perfect."
  2. "Sleep on it."
    "I rarely make such a big decision so long after sunset and so far before dawn." --Frank Underwood, HOC Season 1
  3. "Play the long game."
    --the endlessly patient and wonderful Dan Jones, when I called him in a panic about not knowing what to do next
  4. "As a writer, I completely understand that exact brand of embarrassment."
    @bjnovak said this to me on the day I got published. I met him somewhat coincidentally that day and we talked about what it felt like to have your work suddenly out there. He asked me how I felt and I said "kind of embarrassed, actually" because it's weird to tell the world the story of your shitty love life. Then BJ said the above and I felt fine. It's not exactly advice, but I didn't feel alone. And maybe all work should be so vulnerable it makes its creators uncomfortable.
  5. "Don't give your Netflix password to a boy who isn't your boyfriend. And stop letting him use your HBOGo account."