If you've read Harry Potter AND I CAN ONLY ASSUME YOU ALL HAVE, in order to perform a particular powerful spell, you must think of one of your happiest, most visceral memories. Here are some of mine.
  1. Clayton Kershaw's First No Hitter
    I was lucky enough to be in the stands this night and I have tried several times to describe that energy, but simply can't. The joy of tens of thousands of people was so quiet, so contained, then completely overflowing. Surreal. I was undone in complete happiness.
  2. Meeting David Mamet
    I've met a lot of celebrities, kinda, but when I met David Mamet I was shaking. He was kind but quiet, I said something stupid, he told me to keep writing, and we shook hands. I shook the hand that wrote 'Glengarry Glen Ross.' Euphoria. I'll never be the same.
  3. My Baby Sister
    My baby sister is 14 and I have many thoughts and memories and wonders about her that fill me with joy. When she was born, seeing her perform, watching her grow up. Endless.
  4. Super Bowl XLV
    Go Pack Go.
  5. Seeing the phrase "weed pen vapor thing" printed in the New York Times.
    Only way I knew it was real.