A tale of most Sundays.
  1. To do my homework.
    I'm a grown woman with a full-time job, you guys. Whyyyyyy did I go back to school? Yeah okay learning career things learning I remember but I don't like to remember when I have homework. Whatever.
  2. To go back to work tomorrow.
    I don't understand the term Sunday Funday. HAVE YOU ALL FORGOTTEN WHAT HAPPENS TOMORROW!?
  3. To go grocery shopping.
    Because adulting is hard. The grocery store is A HALF MILE AWAYYYYY. That's so far from my couch.
  4. To talk to other humans.
    Because I'm an introvert and it's been one of those weekends. But also I DO want to talk to other humans. Maybe. Depends. I'm single, everybody, it's a very confusing state for us introverts.
  5. To renew my car registration.
    I know it can't happen today, but it needs to happen this week and it's weighing on my mind.
  6. To go for a run.
    I'll make up for it by waking up early and exercising tomorrow morning....HAHAHA nope.
  7. To be a whiny human being.
    So, ultimately, I'm going to do at least three of these things. *sigh*