So many things I could be doing, how will I keep sane?
  1. Try not to see my worth in whatever I do
    ...instead, I can wake up and know I am wonderfully made and loved by a Creator who doesn't see my worth in these things. I might do some important stuff (build relationships, volunteer with those who are homeless, exercise, etc.), but I can't even lose myself in those things either.
  2. Prioritize my week
    ...what should I allow myself to get worried about and what is not worth that time and effort?
  3. Have an honest conversation with someone doesn't even have to be about deep issues I have with a friend. Just be real with someone. "How are you?" If you say good, tell them why. If not, don't feel like a burden. "Actually pretty bored lately." Don't have an "episode" at work, but I'm going to try to be more honest.
  4. Hopefully go see that new captain America movie! looks DOPE!