Because you're single and you're about to loose your single mind.
  1. Stop getting mad at couples.
    Couples aren't better than you. They aren't more successful at getting dates than you. They aren't necessarily better looking than you. They have a good connection with someone and that's good. It has no influence on you. You are doing just fine.
  2. Don't drool at every available person out there.
    And better yet, don't assume everyone is available or ready to date. Some people are good not being in a relationship unlike your worried self. Give people space (especially if you are social media stalking someone...quit that).
  3. Date yourself.
    Don't take that literally. If you did, maybe this is why you found this list. Seriously though, being single is more about finding out things about yourself and working on who your next girlfriend/boyfriend is about to meet. We all need time for growth and sometimes that's best outside of a relationship. Focus on you. Work on your flaws. Recognize your strengths. Get to know you before you try to get to know someone else.
  4. Read. Hike. Try new food. Volunteer. Hang with friends., etc.
    Do things! Especially what you're passionate about. Maybe you'll find your soulmate when you branch outside into the real world, huh? "But all my friends have a significant other, it gets old being the odd one out." But still, going out to places with these friends still increases your chances of meeting someone. It's good to have that single wingman, but that person is also looking for someone, too (if you catch my point). Be calm, enjoy life.
  5. Bonus: Spiritual Tip - Pray for ...
    Let your intention in prayer not be to find someone to be your everything but to open your eyes to the people around you. To love everyone and be open to love. Then, the right person will be able to make their way into your life.
    Staying positive is hard. Whether you feel down after a break up or haven't had a serious partner in years, realize love isn't easy and people are difficult. But worth it? Yes, absolutely. Following the steps above puts you in a lot better place than just doing dating websites and sitting around. Smile! Life is an adventure and there is always something around the corner.