The rest is on a floppy disc somewhere in my parent's house.
  1. It was going to be about them reuniting at their high school reunion.
  2. Ally Sheedy is now a therapist. It's hinted that the roles have reversed and she is now sleeping with a patient.
  3. Emilio has become a wrestling coach at a different high school.
  4. Molly Ringwald works at a fashion magazine. There were exactly 39 sitcoms about about fashion magazines in the nineties, so to me this didn't seem too on the nose, but an educated guess.
  5. Had some grim predictions for Anthony Michael Hall's future. GRIM.
  6. Don't remember anything about Judd Nelson. All I know is that I wanted him to be wearing suits, because I thought myself something of an expert juxapositioner.
  7. In the beginning there's a montage of everyone learning about the reunion.
  8. Emilio is in his office talking to the assistant coach about the upcoming "state finals" when someone delivers a letter to him. He reads it and then says the following words, "Actually, Earl, it looks like I won't be coming."