Note: It was the Garfunkel and Oates song "The Fade Away."
  1. Do non-parents e-mail videos to people?
  2. They're gonna love this.
  3. Do non-uncles e-mail videos to people?
  4. I wonder which music video would be best. There's a few of them.
  5. Do non-dad's friends e-mail videos to people?
  6. The acoustic one is best, but there's another that has better production value and adds to my pre-viewing credibility with the recipient.
  7. What happened to that family friend who shows up in several home movies and then suddenly disappeared?
  8. Although, the acoustic version has more views. I'll go with this one.
  9. Seriously. What went down with this guy? Oh god. Did my parents invite him into a threesome and it went awry? Am I the product of said threesome? Maybe they don't know who ultimately fathered me and vowed to never do a DNA test. After breaking off contact with him, he must have been so confused.