1. Don't Say No For Them
    When I was in high school and I would have a crush on a girl I thought was out of my league, I'd get bummed out. I thought if I asked them out, they'd say no, so I just wouldn't ask. My dad would point out that it's silly to assume their answer. If it's 'no,' they'll tell me so. And it could always be 'yes' instead. So why would you make that decision for them? Let them make it themselves! This is not only solid dating advice; it also applies to sales and life in general.
  2. Let Go
    Probably the most vague piece of advice a person can receive, but one of my favorites. I crave control. I need to feel like I'm driving, even in situations I know are entirely out of my hands. Fighting for that control in those situations only creates needless friction.
  3. A ship is safe in the harbor...
    ...but that's not what ships are for. I get far too precious with my own material possessions. It never hurts to be reminded that they're just things. You can protect them all you want, but they're meant to be used. Guitars, cars, shoes, clothes... they're all replaceable, and they're all meant to serve me, not the other way around.