My favorite day of the week and here's why
  1. Go for a hike
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    Preferably with a best buddy and bonus points if there's some gossip involved
  2. Brunch
    Eggs Benedict, French toast, biscuits... I want it all
  3. Go to the Farmers Market
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    And buy one non-essential item like that overpriced candle that you always pass by.
  4. Make my weekly schedule and goals list
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    This is my sacred time where I schedule everything from weekly meals, workout plan, sometimes even outfits. I have a color-coded system in place now. It's a serious thing.
  5. Go grocery shopping
    Anything I couldn't get at the farmer's market
  6. Laundry
    And change the sheets
  7. Pour myself a cocktail or roll a joint
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    Sometimes both. Today I'm having bourbon and grenadine. So good.
  8. Catch up on TV, watch a movie, read, or write
    Time to chill
  9. Try a new recipe
    Tonight: Mexican Casserole
  10. Candlelight yoga
    Nothing to cement the chill vibes with some pre-dinner yoga.
  11. Sunday Supper
    With my honey or some friends. All are welcome as long as I don't have to leave my place.
  12. Sunday Television
    Desperately waiting for Game of Thrones to come back
  13. Bath, body scrub, get ready for bed