The things I (try to) do every day that does wonders for me emotionally
  1. Read "Daily Rituals"
    When my brain is still waking up, it helps to read the habits of others. Sometimes I'll choose a random passage, other times I read it in order. Just depends on the day
  2. Make my to-do list while drinking coffee
    Helps organize the day ahead and makes me feel less overwhelmed. Evernote is my savior.
  3. Read something inspiring
    "Daily Meditations on codependency" and "the daily love" are my go-to's.
  4. Breathing exercise and morning meditation
    Helps my asthma and my mind at the same time! Neat!
  5. Workout
    Anything from simple stretching, a walk with the dog, yoga, or Pilates. If I don't do it in the morning, it's not going to happen. And if I accomplish nothing else that day, I still feel good.
  6. Tidying the house
    Before I leave for the day. Put dishes in the sink, wipe down counters, put away plates and glasses from the night before, make the bed. It's little things, but makes me feel good.
  7. Afternoon walk
    Post-lunch. Helps digestion and helps clear my mind for the rest of the day.
  8. Afternoon tea
    Usually around 3 or 4pm (but no later or else I won't be able to sleep). Blueberry green tea or PG tips are my go-to's.
  9. Evening walk
    With the dog, when I get home or have finished my workday. He needs it and I need the time to clear my head to transition from day to night.
  10. Evening meditation
    An infusion of calm that turns off my work brain or gives my energy for the evening. I like using since they offer a variety of programs (anxiety release! Energy! Compassion!) and it's timed, so I don't fret about ohhhmming all night.
  11. Evening exercise
    Usually a run or yoga, when I don't have evening plans (which means this one hardly ever happens)
  12. Bath
    I have such guilt over this one because of the drought, but it does help me sleep better and there's nothing more calming than taking a bath while reading a gossip mag or a good book and sipping on some tea (or wine, depending on the night...)
  13. Skin Regimen
    I used to be really bad about this and think a makeup wipe would be suffice, now I take comfort in brushing my teeth, flossing, washing my face, using a treatment cream (if necessary), moisturizing, applying eye cream, and using a mouth wash. Plus, I feel so damn clean and lovely after!
  14. Read a meditation book
    A rotation of "celebrating silence" or "the four agreements." It's good food for thought before bed.
  15. Reading for pleasure
    It stops my brain and I read until my eyeballs can't stay open. Sometimes it's a paragraph, or other times I'll read until I look at the clock and say "oh shit! I need to fall asleep NOW."