Love it or hate it, I have some things I want to get off my chest.
  1. I always forget Danny Glover is in it
    And then I always get so happy
  2. Everyone is so good in it
    Especially Eddie Murphy
  3. Eddie Murphy's rap might be my favorite part
  4. Followed by the random cameos of John Krasinski and John Lithgow
    John Lithgow's hair deserves a credit all its own.
  5. Did Effie never tell her daughter that her uncle was a successful songwriter?
    And wasn't the bro / sis reconciliation so sudden? He dated his sister's replacement! That's shitty!
  6. True Confession: I prefer The Dreams' version of "One Night Only"
    Although it was still really shitty for Curtis to do what he did to Effie.
  7. The name "Magic" is horrible
    So is Curtis's last minute realization that he's the father.
  8. Best Song: "Steppin' to the Bad Side"
    I know this is a controversial choice, but all the main characters get to sing and it's so damn fun. "And I am Telling You I'm not Going," is an amazing song (and J Hud kills it), but it's not my favorite.
  9. Times the movie makes me cry: 3
    Spoilers (but come on): When Effie is kicked out, when Jimmy dies, the end
  10. The end credits is amazing
    Give me multiple spilt screen with multiple looks to really sum up the movie and I'm happy as a clam!