2015 has been the year of self-examination, that's for sure
  1. Turning 30
    In 31 days, I'm saying goodbye to my 20's. I thought I was prepared, but being jobless has made me feel not quite as prepared as I thought I would be. There were a lot of things I accomplished, but so much more that I didn't... Yet.
  2. Not having a job for almost a year
    The minute I turned 16 (and even before with babysitting and whatnot), I've been a member of the work force and have earned my own money. When the show I was working on got canceled last year, I wanted to take some time off to write. Seemed like the best idea at the time, but now I'm broke and having to rely on my fiancé and my "house fund" to support myself. It's also making me question career choices. This was a lot to write-- told you I was going to get real.
  3. Getting Married
    This one has been the easiest to process through, mainly because I'm marrying a wonderful dude. Even still, marriage has you examine big things in your life like children, your belief systems, and whether or not you'll change your name. Like it or not, it's a big change and sign of "adulthood"
  4. Coming to grips with my mental health issues
    This was the year I finally admitted to myself (and others) that I have anxiety and depression and every day can be a battle in learning how to control it. I don't always succeed, but I'm educating myself and trying.
  5. Here's the doozy: Letting Go of the Past
    This year was also the first time I've been able to speak openly about being sexually abused as a child by someone I love (let's all take a deep breath now, k?) The way this has impacted my life has been huge: from deepening (or sadly, letting go) of friendships, to finally having a healthy sex life.
  6. Congrats if you've read this far!