A few steps to reach my morning "zen"
  1. Open a window nearby
    Get some fresh air and hopefully some melodic bird chirps
  2. Breathing Exercise
    It quiets my mind and helps my lungs! 20 slow breaths, 40 "normal" breaths, 40 fast ones
  3. 3 "ohms"
    I say them aloud to prepare the mind / body
  4. Morning Mantras
    Anything you want to say (in your mind) to set the intention for the day. Mine are usually about positivity and staying present.
  5. Body scan
    I start at the top of my head and focus on every body part down to my toes. It helps you take stock of how your body is feeling and promotes mindfulness.
  6. Quiet Time
    This can be thirty seconds or thirty minutes. I focus on my breath and try to clear my mind of free-thinking.
  7. Affirmations
    I repeat it 3 times in my head.
  8. Gratitude
    I end my meditation with focusing on the good things in my life and taking a moment to be grateful for them