1. Checked into The Chardonnay Lodge
    Which is definitely more kitschy than quaint and we failed to secure The Paris Room aka the one with a hot tub in the middle of it.
  2. Drank some champagne in the room
  3. Had a lovely early dinner in downtown Napa
    And had some wine. Of course.
  4. Played some pool
  5. Went on a mission to find weed
    At one point, I was buzzed enough to ask total strangers where I might be able to get some. It's a good thing I have no resemblance to an undercover cop; not such a great thing that I look like a teenager who is "looking to score"
  6. Retired back to the hotel room
    Ordered a pizza, drank more champagne, and watched the end of "knocked up" and the beginning of "ghosts of girlfriend's past"