@grownwomanchild and I are hitting the road today and I can't fucking wait
  1. We're visiting our best friend
    She moved back home to Napa last summer and aside from my trip up there in the fall and her coming down for my surprise engagement party, I haven't seen her and I miss her terribly.
  2. @grownwomanchild is the best road trip partner.
    Great playlists, great conversation, and so much chill. Plus I get to be Bonnie to her Clyde (clyde drove, right?!)
  3. It's Napa
    There's wine. Enough said.
  4. We're staying at The Chardonnay Lodge
    From the pictures it looks like the perfect combo of kitsch and quaint, which means it's perfect
  5. The timing couldn't be better
    Remember how stressed I've been about staffing? Perfect time to getaway and clear the headspace and it's close enough to come home same day, if need be.
  6. Girls trips are good for the soul