I created a show that's finally premiering on the interwebs June 1st. Despite how awful it is to promote myself (ugh), I am pretty damn proud
  1. It was the first pilot I ever wrote after I walked in on my then-roommate using my headboard as a stripper pole
  2. After my first draft, I sent it to my writer friend who encouraged me to write a few other drafts and let this be the project that taught me to write
  3. He also said he had a feeling someone would make this show someday
  4. I did several drafts over the next four years; it was indeed the project that taught me how to write
    There was the seedy stripper Detroit version, the gossip girl with webcams version, and finally the 20-something soapy version
  5. That same friend started a production company and was looking for material for a webseries. I told him I just finished another draft of Cam Girls
  6. We redeveloped it as a 7-ep webseries. I fully expected him to rewrite me before we went into production, but it never happened.
  7. We had a 6-day shoot with a crew of 30.
    Highlights: The first day on set someone asked if I was a P.A. They couldn't believe I was the writer / EP.
  8. It was the first project of mine to get produced
    Another highlight: eating a piece of pizza that was used in a scene and thinking "I created this pizza!" It's still the best slice I've ever consumed.
  9. 7 years since I wrote the original version and almost 2 years since we shot it, it will start streaming on June 1st
    I'm so fucking excited.
  10. Bonus trivia: I make a cameo as a cam girl in the opening credits. That was fun.
  11. Camgirlstheseries.com for more info!