1. Dining al fresco
    With foods that have been grilled and some really great bread.
  2. Robes
    At a spa, in my house, at a hotel. I just love 'em
  3. A dry rose wine preferably from France
    And preferably whispering angel, despite its' ridiculous name.
  4. Laughing so hard that I can't breathe
    A good one happens every few months. @Grosstastic and @grownwomanchild know what's up.
  5. A great outfit
    And the process of putting together a great outfit
  6. Great sex
    ...with Nate... In water (if we're looking for specifics)
  7. Hiking and gossiping
    This combo fortifies my soul
  8. My dog
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    Especially when he does something really silly. See photo
  9. John Kelly Chocolate
  10. Flowers
    Dahlias, tulips, daisies, peonies, calla lilies
  11. Bubble baths
  12. Listapp
    And just lists in general