Because asthma is the coolest, you guys
  1. What do you mean I can't have caffeine beforehand?
    How do you expect me to drive here?
  2. I'm the youngest in the doctor's office by about 40 years
    And the only one without a wheelchair or oxygen tank!
  3. Oh man, I have to sit in this tube thing for an hour?
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    Sidenote: sorry for the poor picture quality, I was not caffeinated
  4. Okay, breathing into this weird machine thing and it charting my breath isn't so bad
  5. During a break my nurse told me that she went vegan for lent, but all she can eat for breakfast are bagels. I don't know how to relate to the nurse anymore.
    And I LOVE bagels, but come on...
  6. 40 minutes in and I'm starting to get really lightheaded
    Maybe I should've had my boyfriend drive me. Oops
  7. The test is over! My breathing is fine! I can go get coffee now!