I'm less than six months away from saying "I Do" and lots of friends have commented on how "chill" my process has been. Here's why:
  1. Be a natural planner
    Our wedding coordinator sent us spreadsheets and told us not to be overwhelmed by them. I immediately filled them out and sent her suggestions on how to improve them.
  2. Take time off from work (if you can!)
    Lots of free time means you can shop for dresses and go cake tasting in the middle of the week
  3. Financial Support from Parents
    I'm so lucky that my folks had a wedding fund saved up. You may have to compromise a bit, but the gratitude I feel more than makes up for that.
  4. Skip the bridal party...
    No hurt feelings and less stress for everyone
  5. ...But rely on friends
    We're having friends serve as photographer, officiant, hair stylist, ceremony readers, and music consultants.
  6. Send countless photos to your girlfriends
    Spare your future spouse from the details he can't see or doesn't care about, but still get the reassurance you need. I'm looking at you, @grownwomanchild!
  7. Have a designated planning day
    I'm sure there will be more as it gets closer, but this is nice so it doesn't takeover my week and my very busy future hubby knows what day I'll be bugging him to make decisions.
  8. Most important tip: Marry Nate Cornett
    You can't because I'm marrying him, but anyone that knows Nate personally knows he's the calmest person on the planet. It's hard to be stressed or overwhelmed about something when a) he tells you to cut that shit out b) he's resourceful as fuck and c) the end result is getting to be his wife. Aww!