My fiancé just got back from London and had a rare day off. We decided we weren't going to leave the house today. It might have been the best day ever.
  1. Slept until noon
    This hasn't happened for quite a few years, unless I'm sick.
  2. Sex
  3. Took a shower
    With the added bonus of shower sex.
  4. Calmed down an anxious friend
    Turns out all of my anxiety issues makes me quite a sage!
  5. Ordered and ate pizza
  6. Watched Disney movies
    Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Finding Nemo
  7. More sex
  8. Played video games
    Zelda for him; iPad games for moi
  9. Didn't respond to any emails
    I think I needed this more than anything. It was nice to be mildly unplugged.
  10. I'll probably be in bed by 11