Went into the ER yesterday with blurred vision and nausea. Let's see what happened next...
  1. I need new glasses
    They gave me an eye exam when I first walked in and thought this could be it. Low and behold, I just had my eyes checked and the blurriness was only one eye at a time.
  2. I'm pregnant
    Not sure if this was ever a real diagnosis, but it was definitely the first thing they ruled out
  3. I had a stroke
    This was crazy, but while they were checking me out my arm and right side of my face went numb. Immediately they called a "code stroke" (yes, that's the real name) and it turned into my very own hospital show. It was scary and overwhelming, but good to see so many precautions in place.
  4. I probably didn't have a stroke, but there may still be something wrong with my brain and / or neck
    The CT scan came back clear, but not clear enough. This was the point they admitted me and I spent an hour in an MRI machine.
  5. There's nothing wrong with my brain
    I could've told you that...
  6. Chronic Migraines
    This is a diagnosis they're still operating on. Neurologist called me and said based on ruling everything else out and my history of headaches, it makes the most sense to him. He gave me immitrex and magnesium oxide, but still wanted to keep me overnight for observation (despite my many protests).
  7. TMJ
    This is the most uplifting diagnosis and it's not even official. My doctor's colleague came to check on me last night. While he was here we were talking about what happened and he asked if I ever heard clicking in my ears (I do, ALL the time). He only thought of TMJ because his sister has it, but all the symptoms add up. And TMJ and migraines can be symptomatic of each other.