It's been a real case of the Mondays
  1. Spent all morning on the phone with the insurance company and hospital
    Insurance co doesn't want to pay for my hospital stay because they didn't think it was necessary. The bill was astronomical. Nobody is telling me what to do to fight this. Nobody knows anything. Every customer service person passes me onto someone else. Pretty sure I'm in some version of hell.
  2. NBC announced their plans for The Wiz
    This hurts my heart for so many reasons. Cirque du Soleil is going to be involved, which is like twisting the knife.
  3. I turned in my pilot to my agent and read all of the ordered pilots, so now I'm in the waiting stage
    Aka anxiety city
  4. My stomach hurts
    It might have been the bag of tortilla chips I stress-ate while on the phone all morning. Who knows!