End of the semester so cleaning up my computer- since I don't want to litter other social media outlets/I want to play more with words, I'll put em all here
  1. Me, a baby, in high school (freshman year?)
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  2. Actually in middle school, and, yes, dressed as a phallus
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  3. A beautiful something Charlotte made
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  4. Here come some pics of friends!! Here's ginger:
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  5. Dana, lying across the middle:
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    Also, Sophie and Koko are in here!
  6. That's all
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  7. Shirlee my dearest lookin soo beautiful!! Bh bh I can go visit her this break
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  8. These two, the obvious answer
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  9. And here's one of Shana lookin so so happy ahh
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  10. Joelle and emery I miss that bitch we travel on each other too much
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  11. sk8 kru. The best and only crew I've ever belonged to.
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    Wish we had made those tshirt tbh
  12. I love my family.
  13. Hey guys this is my friend Isa!!!
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    Though I've never seen her in person with blue hair! Was living abroad the whole time
  14. Babe
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  15. Jerusalem soul center. I cried on this day so much.
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  16. Ugh I miss TOI. is there anything else I can do?
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  17. Wow I have sooo many.. Will continue this later. Bye!