End of the semester so cleaning up my computer- since I don't want to litter other social media outlets/I want to play more with words, I'll put em all here
  1. Me, a baby, in high school (freshman year?)
  2. Actually in middle school, and, yes, dressed as a phallus
  3. A beautiful something Charlotte made
  4. Here come some pics of friends!! Here's ginger:
  5. Dana, lying across the middle:
    Also, Sophie and Koko are in here!
  6. That's all
  7. Shirlee my dearest lookin soo beautiful!! Bh bh I can go visit her this break
  8. These two, the obvious answer
  9. And here's one of Shana lookin so so happy ahh
  10. Joelle and emery I miss that bitch we travel on each other too much
  11. sk8 kru. The best and only crew I've ever belonged to.
    Wish we had made those tshirt tbh
  12. I love my family.
  13. Hey guys this is my friend Isa!!!
    Though I've never seen her in person with blue hair! Was living abroad the whole time
  14. Babe
  15. Jerusalem soul center. I cried on this day so much.
  16. Ugh I miss TOI. is there anything else I can do?
  17. Wow I have sooo many.. Will continue this later. Bye!