I live at the Bayit, which is CU's Jewish food commune. 30 of us live in relative peace & harmony, sharing food, showers, public space, and conversation. We usually like each other. Once a month, during our house meetings, we don't.
  1. How much money would we pay a rabbi to hang out with us?
  2. 'I suggest...'
  3. Should we re-vote for people on the waitlist? Does this matter if we don't have any applicants?
  4. 'These are all really good points.'
  5. Action words: clarify, early stages, policy
  6. 66.6% of us need to agree to vote for people who only reached the 51% threshold to push them past the 66.6% threshold. To agree to this we need a 2/3 vote (majority vote with options 3 or more)
  7. When socializing, push friends into living here
  8. Have we reached out to the listserve of Jewish listserves?
  9. Don't eat the cupcakes yet, jesse
    *and joelle
  10. Everyone be attentive! Listen
  11. Everyone communicate
  12. Everyone listen
  13. Everyone get off their phones
  14. Are you frustrated with another housemate not doing chores?!?!? Tell cheskie- he'll do the uncomfortable stuff
  15. How 20 something's should confront each other
  16. 'Hey, can you hear me?' 'What?'
  17. Quiet hours: 11 pm? Question: are we 5?
  18. Can we just be considerate?
  19. Tally on how many times we mention dirty dishes in a passive aggressive way: ||||
    Passive aggressive because straight up aggressive hasn't worked
  20. Being meta- googling google images
  21. This meeting: is it a safe space? Discuss (put to a vote??)
  22. Things that waft in the Bayit: smoke, aromatics, sound, moldy cheese smells
  23. Don't build furniture in the fire escapes
  24. Theo, clarify? Pro or against quiet hours
    (I am against ftr)
  25. Try to be considerate of the fact that you live in a house
  26. 69% vote on quiet hours. Siiiiiiiiiigh
  27. Careful when you walk around because you might make noise. Just btw you live in Nyc
  28. 3 people to couch
  29. Happy birthday dear Mayla!
  30. Coming in about 200 under budget
    Huge deal!!!!! No taxes at costco!!! No transferring of names with no accounts!!! (Thanks Mayla:))))
  32. Rager dec 12 grad cheese dec 6 hannukah next month
  33. Bayit bong?
  34. Next meeting next week next month next