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Overdue AMTRAK track maintenance means I have to commute differently from NJ to NYC until September. One option is a dark and crowded PATH train under the Hudson River. I take the other... a FERRY!
  1. Eight minutes of strong water and enormous sky...
  2. ... of beautiful city views...
  3. ... and all the elbow room one needs.
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Talk about the ultimate dysfunctional family!
  1. Joel
    Me... not.
  2. Anne
    Wife... pretty cool.
  3. Mylie
    Daughter... sorry, kid. Not even sure how this relates.
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  1. 1. Why this position is personally exciting to me.
  2. 2. Why my skills and experiences will help you and your department succeed
  3. Instead, job applicants talk about...
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These aren't ALL the songs in my workout playlist, just the ones least like each other.
  1. 1.
    Groove is in the Heart... by DeeeLite
  2. 2.
    Burn Hollywood Burn... by Public Enemy
  3. 3.
    Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)... by Bill Conti
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  1. My son -- a high school senior and host of his own talk show -- attended his school's "TV Awards Night" tonight with his friends and won some big awards.
  2. But even more gratifying than watching him win was seeing how much his friends love him, his uniqueness, his creativity, and his sense of humor.
  3. He's way more mature and thoughtful than I was at his age, but tonight I recognized so much of myself in him.
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We're often encouraged to "try new things" and think we can "do anything," but frankly (and maybe it's a sign of my age) there are plenty of things I can't do and don't want to try. So I'm going to forget everything I learned from elementary school classroom posters and, for a moment, celebrate my limitations -- self-imposed or otherwise.
  1. Eat flan
  2. Go camping
  3. Take dancing lessons
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  1. Eggs
    Who knew that eating something high in cholesterol doesn't mean you get high cholesterol from eating it?
  2. Sushi
  3. A gym membership
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Live long and whisker
Yes, 19 -- all well cared for, one FIV, three feral. But do I have pictures of them all? Let's see...
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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