Halloween Candy-Buying Tips

Congratulations! You've waited this long to buy Halloween candy. I waited too, and here are some things I learned.
  1. Don't go to the candy aisle hungry.
  2. If you see a buy-one-get-one bag of candy deal (like at CVS) take advantage. These are the best deals.
  3. Candy in smaller single-brand bags is probably fresher than candy in big, multi-brand jumbo bags. Just today I returned three jumbo bags because the Snickers inside were hard and dry.
  4. The safest place for the candy before Halloween is in your car (if you don't live in a hot climate).
  5. Be careful not to accidentally buy experimental flavors. No one should pay to be a candy company guinea pig.
  6. Don't kid yourself: Trick-or-Treaters don't really want Heath Bars, Butterfingers, Mounds, or Almond Joy.