How to Cut Carbs at Restaurants Even When You're Still Eating Carbs

I'm not an all-or-nothing guy -- I love to eat -- so this is about cutting carbs when and where I can without truly sacrificing the food I love (And by the way, a real man doesn't ask someone to scoop his bagel).
  1. Subway
    Get a six-inch with double meat instead of a foot long. Just as much protein and taste; half as much bread.
  2. Bagel with Lox
    I order it normally, but toss out the top half of the bagel so I'm eating it topless. Just as good, but skipping an entire bagel half.
  3. Pastrami on Rye
    Toss the top half of bread and just make one really tall (or normally tall if you've been to a NYC deli) half-sandwich. Again, all the meat but half the bread.
  4. Pizza
    Tough one, but I try to stick to one slice and don't eat the crust just because it's still in my hand.
  5. Breakfast
    Ask for just one slice of toast with your eggs. You won't really miss the other one. By the way, I get spinach instead of potatoes, but that may be too hard for some of you.
  6. Chipotle
    Salad or bowl instead of burrito. Lettuce instead of rice. Double meat so I'm not hungry later. 80% satisfaction; 0% tortilla.
  7. Hot Dog
    If it fits, cut the dog in half and put both halves in half a bun. Toss out any pieces of left-over bun after the hot dog is consumed -- don't just eat them because they're there.
  8. Dinner Salad
    You and I both know you can live without those croutons.
  9. Donut
    Sorry. I've got nothing for you. But at least there's a hole.