@nikkilounoel for it, but don't include interactions that are just routine parts of your job... because that will make us jealous. (Inspired by @Nikki and her great Warren Beatty story)
  1. Christian Slater
    In 1991, I was working for the Academy of Motion Pictures and we were hosting the premiere of the Bette Midler film "For the Boys". I volunteered to be an usher and had to tell Christian to take his seat. Sorry, that's all I got.
  2. Mr and Ms Jay - Americas Next Top Model
    Okay so not A+ Celebs or anything but they were filming ANTM at Cesears Palace in Las Vegas and my room was messed up so I got upgraded to the Tower Suites and we shared an Elevator. I got a pic with Ms Jay. Total fan girl moment.
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  3. Dustin Hoffman
    My wife took me to a fancy NYC restaurant for my birthday and asked for a private table. When we sat, it was right next to Dustin and his family. When the server knocked over a full tray of plates between us, my wife made eye contact with Dustin as if to say "shit happens."
  4. Kurt Russell
    I'd been in Chicago on vacation, and at the airport to return home, I nearly walked right into him when he stopped suddenly in front of the bank of tvs listing arrivals and departures. Then he was on my flight to ATX—he boarded last. He was in town filming Death Proof, and some of the scenes were filmed about a block from my office at the time. Essentially, I think Kurt Russell spent a few weeks basically stalking me.
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