Nickelodeon Shows Airing When I Worked for Nick

I was a Nick Online producer from 1996-1998, when many of you were no doubt watching as kids. One of my last memories before leaving was hearing about an upcoming new cartoon about a sponge who wore pants. Naturally, we thought it sounded stupid and wouldn't last long. How many of these shows do you remember?
  1. Rugrats
    Until that happy-go-lucky Sponge came around, these babies ruled the Nickelodeon kingdom.
  2. CatDog
    I don't know how it pooped either.
  3. Space Cases
    The cheap production value of this show about interstellar stowaways made Dr. Who look like Game of Thrones. Still, it was nice to see an attempt at sci-fi.
  4. AAAHH!!! Real Monsters
    Finally, a specific creative premise, not just mutant creatures in Wackyville . I made a groovy Nick game based on this for AOL. At the time, there were no major websites, only AOL, Prodigy, and Compuserve.
  5. Kenan & Kel
    Who wants orange soda? I saw a live taping in Orlando -- so fun. Fun fact: Kel won a Cable Ace award for this role, which is a much bigger deal than a Kids Choice Award.
  6. Hey Arnold!
    Besides good storytelling, this cartoon had more heart than the others, and I think kids recognized that.
  7. The Adventures of Pete & Pete
    Wicked clever, zany, and funny, this was a favorite show among Nick staffers. Way ahead of its time.
  8. Stick Stickley
    He set the standard for popsicle stick heroes. Proved that the simplest things can be the funniest.
  9. All That
    Frankly, I never watched it. Strictly for kids. Remember, I was 26.
  10. The Secret World of Alex Mack
    The show I wish I saw more of.
  11. The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
    The show I wish I saw less of. No offense, Ghost of Pat Morita.
  12. KaBlam!
    What if we let animators do whatever the hell they wanted? KaBlam! Fun, but it needed focus. About a decade later, Word Girl nailed this category of satirical animated ridiculousness... and it was educational!
  13. Figure It Out
    This game show existed mostly to give former Nick stars something to do. I think I had a crush on Summer Sanders.
  14. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    Never saw much of it, but certainly admired it. More horror please! I always produced our online Halloween specials.
  15. Cousin Skeeter
    Question: Can it really be an offensive stereotype if it's just a puppet? Answer: Yes.
  16. The Angry Beavers
    I don't remember much about this toon except that they were no Ren & Stimpy, and that I used them to make an interesting trivia game.
  17. The Wild Thornberrys
    During my time, this was probably the show execs were most excited about. They thought test audiences of girls would identify with -- and thus connect most with -- the geeky, braces-wearing, earnest Eliza, but the girls mostly wanted to be the blonde materialistic, sarcastic older sister Debbie, proving that most kids don't want to watch kids like them; they want to watch kids they fantasize being.
  18. The Journey of Allen Strange
    Big E.T.-derivative idea that never quite took off. Maybe the beginning of the end for hour-long dramas.