1. Static
  2. This doesn't mean "don't doubt yourself." It means "listen very carefully to your doubt." For example...
  3. If that email has a good chance of creating more blowback than benefit, don't send it.
  4. If you suspect that joke won't be received well, don't make it.
  5. If that comment might hurt someone's feelings, keep it to yourself.
  6. If ccing everyone on that email means it might rub someone the wrong way, don't cc everyone.
  7. If sharing that secret might come back to haunt you, don't pass it along.
  8. If it's not your business, don't make it your business.
  9. If revealing a personal insecurity or failure might make you seem weak, leave it for your spouse or therapist.
  10. If your reaction might be taken as a criticism or complaint, pause and see if you can turn it into a "concern", or better, a constructive suggestion.
  11. If your boss or job sucks, put that energy into grooming your cover letter, not grousing to your co-workers.
  12. Static