I like plenty of "man" stuff -- football, beautiful women, steaks, drilling holes in the wall -- but there are also stereotypical "man" things that just don't appeal to me, like...
  1. Golf
    Playing, watching, or even thinking about it. Yet Hallmark cards sure think I love it.
  2. Strippers
    Giphy downsized medium
    I'm not excited by exhibitionism, girls on poles, or...
  3. ...Fake Boobs
    Again, not something I dislike, but there's just no real comparison.
  4. Beer
    I'll have one from time to time. But nine times out of ten I'd rather have an Arnold Palmer. Or a whiskey sour.
  5. Baseball
    I like it a little more than golf. But I'm talking about Game 7 of the World Series with the Mets or Yankees playing. (You know I'm not a real baseball fan when I say Mets OR Yankees.)
  6. Sports Cars (or Trucks or Motorcycles)
    I'd rather drive comfortably in a safe SUV with good beverage holders.
  7. Dogs (More than Cats)
    I like dogs fine, but I'm all about the cats.