Things I Like That "Men" Are Not Supposed to Like

This is a companion piece to my previous "Things a Man is Supposed to Like That I Dont"
  1. Mall shopping
    When you combine Banana Republic, Starbucks, air conditioning and a food court, what could he better? I'm so used to malls now I can enter a new one and find the food court on instinct alone.
  2. Cats
    Cats rule.
  3. Barry Manilow
    Blame my mother, who played Barry nonstop when I was young and impressionable.
  4. Returning merchandise
    Something about getting money, even money I'm owed, still feels like free money. Yes, I'll take a gift card.
  5. The English Patient
    What can I say, it made cry.
  6. Pink (The color)
    This is the color of the balloon my son asked for years ago at a Trader Joe's. The balloon guy insisted he take a blue one instead. I insisted back.
  7. RuPaul
    Work it.
  8. Letting my wife drive... all the time.
    If she loves to drive and is indeed a better driver, why the heck not?
  9. Asking for help
    And knowing when I need it.