Why I Put Up an American Flag

Though our house came with a flag stand, I resisted hanging an American flag there for years.
  1. Instead I had flags like this.
  2. And this.
  3. And this.
  4. I thought putting up an American flag would make people think I believe this.
  5. Or this.
  6. Or this.
  7. I don't.
  8. But my wife pointed out that an American flag on our house only means what it represents to us, not what it represents to others. So I bought one and put it out, just in time for election year.
  9. To me it means this.
  10. And this.
  11. And this.
    (Add an arrow for atheists)
  12. And this.
  13. And this.
  14. And this.
  15. And this.
  16. And this.
  17. And forever in peace may it wave.