1. "You'd be stupid to think if somebody really wants it that I'll be dumb enough to let them get it."
    Track #1 - "Wasting Your Time"
  2. "Never trade it all for something you can't forget."
    Track #2 - "Other Side of Me"
  3. "If I don't have it be okay and tragic, using pad to pen - I cannot begin."
    Track #3 - "Your Words"
  4. "Too many people give up after many tries. I'm tryna be the best and I ain't talking any guy."
    Track #4 - "Still The Same"
  5. "I ain't here to be a so-so, I'm so so beyond the doubt."
    Track #5 - "Government Name"
  6. "I see brain splatter, with aim that’ll make media leaving your brain scattered. It seems they wanna talk and not ask if they matter. They is us - I hear they pulled the trigger now this war is making me way madder."
    Track #6 - "Sirens"
  7. "If your dreams were always racing and you never had the chance to see it, would you think of pacing?"
    Track #7 - "At The End"